What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam? – My Experience

Thousands and thousands of times over this question has been typed into a Google search box to find the ultimate answer to What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam? Many questions have risen trying to get to the bottom of it and determine once and for all – is it a big ugly red SCAM?! Something of value?ย  Worth looking at?

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam
Google Search Results: What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam

My Experience

My take on the matter is interesting because I have known about Affiliate Programs and making money online through them for a number of years now. In the past I was participating in an affiliate program selling sheet music. For a few years I was making some decent side money with that program.

Sheet Music - Aria Allegretto
Sheet Music – Aria Allegretto

In order to have the opportunity to help people find the sheet music they were looking for and forward them through my affiliate link I needed to have a website including a domain name and web hosting space.

I started off with a cheap shared hosting option but quickly found out that shared hosting is not the right place for any serious online business to host their websites as there can be frequent outages and issues caused by rogue scripts from other sites and general overselling of the shared web servers. While this doesn’t happen as much within shared servers these days it still does on occasion.

Since I had a number of websites I used to help people find sheet music I had a number of web hosting accounts and domain names too. Ultimately I ended up paying $60 USD monthly just for a Virtual Private Server to run all of my websites on so they would run well and not be taken down by a rogue script or overpopulated cheap shared web hosting server.

I ended up selling my sheet music websites a couple years ago now for a pretty penny and recently I’ve been working on starting up my next online business. This time around I was looking to get more bang for my buck spent on web hosting.

Male and Female SymbolsIt’s also important to note that this time around I’ve invited my wife Amy to try starting her own online business too. Trouble is – she is a total newbie and has no knowledge of making websites, internet marketing or affiliate programs.

I scoured the internet and ended up coming across some of these websites discussing

Wealthy Affiliate Chat
Wealthy Affiliate Chat

whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not. I decided to check it out for myself for free – since they offer a no charge starter account.

Within 5 days I decided Wealthy Affiliate was legitimate and offered exactly what I needed. Web hosting, plus more bang for my buck. There is a wonderful set of training included that could get anyone up and running with their own website that they can set up and manage all using Online Tools that are either free or included with Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only that – there is an active online chat, question and answer section, constant engagement with others in support or success stories of online business, and classrooms for extended training and discussion.

I have come to determine the answer to the question: What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Answer: Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.ย  It is an online business place for learning and doing. I’m getting more for less than I used to pay for my Virtual Private Server. I’m getting 24/7 access to a great online business support community. I’m able to host my websites here.

If you are interested in making an Online Business – ie: not a get rich quick scheme – but something that will require you to do some hard work and spend time on please do not take my word for it – just take advantage of their free $0 starter account and log into Wealthy Affiliate and find out for your self. Please – give me a shout when you get in there : )

Click here for my review on Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.

If you have any questions about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate or if you have any questions in general or comments please leave them below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Legitimate Online Community


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            1. Hey Marcel. I too did a lot of research into internet marketing before finding and settling on Wealthy Affiliate. It was actually an article like this which helped me learn much more about W.A. and make a decision to join. It’s almost been a whole year for me building and adding content to my web site and although I’ve yet to be making the amount of money I’d like, I know it will happen and I’m very proud of the work and effort I’ve put into it. …I have my very own online business!!

              • Yes Jamie! It is about having something that is your own and something you can continue to build up as you see fit. Tools and training at WA are great at pointing us into the right direction and advancing our skills.

                It is well worth joining to learn and develop.



            2. Hi I’ve searched about this program and stumbled upon your website. Your story here is interesting. Are you still running your music sheet business?

              I have been scammed once and become really skeptical when searching for online business opportunity. This looks promising with the free trial. I’ll take a look into it.

              Thank you for your information here ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Hi Alblue,

                We are still doing online business with sheet music mainly focused on The Beatles right now. It’s been working out well so far.

                The free trial is the best way to realize the value at WA. It really gives you a good taste and leads well into the premium program which has all the training and web hosting the average online business needs. Online business training at Wealthy Affiliate is the most valuable thing I have right now.



            3. Wow! What a great site. You have done a great job in breaking down the whole online business. A beginning reading this would be in heaven I would think.

              Very informative and complete with your review! Following this step by step system seems to make it possible for anyone to build a business online.

              Great job and I will look forward to following this site for more information.

              Thanks again,

              • Thanks Jeff – you know it is something that anyone can start. It builds up one small piece at a time. With great tutorials and guidance available at Wealthy Affiliate one really sees and feels their progress – if they are putting time into their work. Thanks!

            4. A great topic to discuss BTW. The truth is that a lot of people try to search the web to find out if Wealthy Affiliate a scam or not and fortunately they all come to know that it is not. Normally we call a program scam because of false promises and bold claims they make. In case with Wealthy Affiliate it is not the case because Kyle and Carson, co-founders of WA never promise unrealistic earnings to anyone. The only thing they promise is that if you follow their training you will start making money. How soon or how much it’s unknown because it depends on many factors. I know many successful members of WA who have been able to quit their job after 2 years of hard work. I think in most cases it requires 2 years to start making enough to be able to quit the job. All this means that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

              • That is very true – there are many making money through affiliate marketing who got their training at WA. The courses available will walk anyone through the ground work and up. The ability to ask questions and create training gives newbies and advanced folks alike a way to give and take in the community. The pay-it-forward attitude really plays a big part in it’s friendly community too. No scam really ever has that good community vibe that is visible right from the start.

            5. Hi Marcel,

              Thanks for Sharing Nice and Thorough Review about Wealthy Affiliate and letting us know that it is not a scam, Scams will never let you inside the system for free trial and even if they do they will have nothing useful there but on the other hand Wealthy Affiliate provide so much value evern to a starter membership that it takes guts to say NO to their premium membership,lol, just kidding, but serious entrepreneurs will rarely say no to Wealthy Affiliate unless they already have the tools or are already successful.

              • Too True about scamish systems Kunal.

                With Wealthy Affiliate the training alone makes it all worth while because what you learn can be directly put into practice. Especially with the tasks associated with the training segments – one basically gets an online business started just be going through the training and completing all the tasks.

                After that it is just a question of scaling up your traffic.

                Thanks Kunal!


            6. The first thing that made me think that WA isn’t a scam was through the free trial. Having been conned several times online, I tend to have a sensitive eyes and nose for identifying one.

              The free trial gave me a thorough overview on what the training is all about. In fact, I find it a no-nonsense site with a lot of ‘rules’. To me, you need to draw a strict line when dealing in the virtual world. It helps to keep your activities safe.

              I started my training in January 2014 and never looked back since ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Hi Cathy,

                That is great to hear that you have finally found an online community that can help support your online business growth.

                The rules make sense to me. Especially the no-spamming rules. Nobody likes an online community full of unrelated spam posts and Wealthy Affiliate has nothing like that thanks to their guidelines.

                It’s really all about the awesome Pay It Forward attitutde that is spready virally through the community. We can assist others, play by the rules, and make progress on ourselves and our online business.

                Thanks for getting in touch.


            7. HI Marcel. I like this post, it is informative and gives a really personal touch, especially where you talk about yours and your wife’s websites and how you set them up and what difficulties you had doing so. I think your tone is gentle and non-pressurising which is important when it comes to being independent and non-salesman-like.

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