Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints – More Like Misunderstandings

There have been some complaints posted online regarding Wealthy Affiliate.
Some of the popular complaints I have heard are listed below. I’ve included a few points, but to each their own. Try out Wealthy Affiliate with the free starter account and begin going through the training for free and decide for yourself.

Lose access to some of the WA features after your first seven days.

Live support and 1-on-1 coaching is only available for the first seven days.

The live support is a premium feature of Wealthy Affiliate.

The first seven days of your free accounts gives you a nice glimpse to what kind of support is available through the community.

I’m not making money fast enough.

It is true money will not start flowing directly into your wallet over night. Maybe not even until after a month or six months or more. It all depends on your work, your niche, your affiliate links.

There is lots of training available through Wealthy Affiliate that will help you fine tune how you are doing things.

If you do things in a certain way, and are consistent with your work, you are bound to succeed in online business.

Too much work.

If you are not willing to do work, even a few minutes a day as it all adds up, then I can understand that you would feel like running your own online business requires too much work.

This is not a get rich quick scheme – it’s a community that provides training, help and tools to running your own online business.

This will require some level of regular work if you want YOUR business to succeed.


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