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Google Account – One Account For All Of Google

To get started using Google’s tools the first thing you will need is a Google Account.  If you don’t already have one you can sign up at

If you would like to see how it’s done we have a short video walk through available here.


YouTube – Video Sharing Website

YouTube on Galaxy Note 4

YouTube is a video sharing website.  Millions of people from all over the world upload videos to YouTube daily.  A profitable website makes good use of videos appropriately on their web pages.

While it is possible to upload a video to your page directly from WordPress it is not something I would advise.

The reason is your Web Hosting Server is not likely going to be able to handle serving your video to multiple people simultaneously if it goes viral.  Even if just a dozen visitors try to view it you may find it does not play smooth, pauses to buffer, displays a black screen, and just causes frustration for your viewers.

Upload any videos you want to use on your website to YouTube and then embed the video into your web pages.

This will make use of YouTube’s vast data center of servers that play back videos and you will not run into those problems mentioned above.

AdSense – Make Money With Google Ads

AdSense is a Google’s ad partner program.   In short it allows Website Publishers to post ads on their websites to earn revenue from ad views and ad clicks.

You will notice that most websites you visit have a certain amount of ads displayed on them in various areas.   A good web master will not over do it and instead of plastering ads all over the page they will just subtly post an ad in one are or another are of the page.  Usually no more than two or three times per page.

These webmasters are wise to partner with Google through AdSense because as ads are displayed and clicked on their websites revenue will be gained and it will all add up and go into your Google AdSense account.  Sure it may trickle in pennies at a time, or a few dollars here and a few dollars there, but it all helps the bottom line.

Snippit of my AdSense Report
Snippit of my AdSense Report

With great content the readers of websites will likely click certain ads that interest them.  It benefits everyone as the reader gets targeted information they may be interested in and the website owner gets a small payment for assiting in connecting the reader to the advertiser through your content.

Just like many other methods of making money online, such as affiliate programs, Google Adsense lets you set your pay out threshhold to different levels.  Currently I’ve got mine set to $100 but you could easily set it to $1000 or more if your site is getting lots of traffic so you’d get a nice bonus payout.

Connecting advertisers with their targeted market is one of Google’s specialties so it makes sense to get involved as the Internet is only going to get bigger and opportunities are only going to grow.

Inbox or Gmail – Manage E-mail Easily with Google

I have been using Inbox by Google for a number of months now.  At the very begnning when I received an invitation from my co-worker Jesse I was all like “what the heck is this?”.  I was coming from years of using an IMAP account in Mozilla Thunderbird.  While I still do use Thunderbird for some e-mail accounts, Inbox by Google has taken me in and is now my primary method of manging my main email accounts and forwardres.

InboxInbox’s clean and inituitive interface makes it so easy to manage my e-mails now.   For example, I get an e-mail from my wife asking me to pick up eggs on the way home.  I get the e-mail a couple hours before I’m done work.  All I need to do is tell Inbox to snooze that message until five minutes before I’m done work and it will pop back up to the top of my inbox just in time for me to drive to the closest farm for my farm fresh eggs.

It has a few default groups in which similar e-mails will list together so you can focus on one thing at a time, or dismiss groups of e-mails at once.  It is very simple to set up your own groups if for example you are a member of an online community and get dozens of e-mails a day giving you notifications of activites you can simply create a rule to group those like e-mails so you don’t have to let them get mixed up with perhaps more important e-mails.

I think it is a big step up from the original Gmail app, which is still great.

Analytics – Track Website Traffic and Ad Campaigns

Google Analytics is used for reports and monitoring on website traffic.  Gain insight into how much traffic you are getting to your site, who is visiting and from where.  It is even possible to view the real-time traffic you are currently receiving on your website.

Google Analytics Screenshot
Graph Screenshot from Google Analytics

When you first log in you are presented with a simple to understand overview of your website traffic on a dashboard.   You can generally have up to 50 site profiles set up in your free Analytics account.  Each site profile is listed and expandable and they can be grouped for easier organization.

Digging deeper into the reports you will find a large amount of detailed information pertaining to your website traffic.  Details such as what device a user is browsing your site with, where they are located which is determined by IP address geolocation, and demographic information.

Google Analytics is also deeply integrated with AdWords which will allow you to monitor your AdWord campaigns closely and in great detail.

Search – The Worlds Information At Your Fingertips

Finding text on the internet by searching billions of pages and bringing you the most accurate results pertaining to your search text.  Google’s PageRank algorithm and other secret methods of determining which results show up on your search work so well that Google Web Search is now the biggest search engine in North America, and much of the world.

Google Search Screenshot
Google Search Screenshot

Many advancements and tweaks have been made to this tool over the years.  It’s interface has remained unchanged for the most part and is very dynamic, changing even as you type and in most cases it will display you search results immediately via Google Instant Search.

This is one of the most handy tools in any work you do.  It is one of the best references available today.  If you get stuck on anything, or need to learn anything, or just have questions it is as simple as typing it directly into Google Search.   There will likely be many like you who have asked the same or similar questions and you are likely to find web pages and discussions relating to the information you need.

It is an indispensable tool for building your Online Business.  Not just to find out information – you will need to get your websites ranked so related Google Searches will bring your site up in the search results.  Preferably on the first page.  This takes quality content which is going to be a large part of your online business success.

Android – A Google Operating System

Android is an operating system developed by Google.  It is an open source software development project with some proprietary parts. This operating system is based on the Linux kernel which has had years of development.

There is a version of Android for many different types of devices including mobile phones, tablets, vehicles, watches, tv boxes, cameras, game consoles and more.  We will mostly be concerned with Android on a mobile device such as a smart phone.

Android Lollipop Screenshot (Nova Launcher)
Android Lollipop Screenshot (Nova Launcher)

The interface is intuitive and customizable compared to some of its modern counterparts.  The current major version available is called Lollipop with the next developmental version, M, currently in preview release status.

Anything you would need to do on a computer can be done as usual, or at least on a smaller scale on your Android smart phone.   I’m personally using a Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop and I have it synched up with my other computers so all e-mail, notes, files, sync so no matter what devices I’m on I still have all of my up-to-date information.

Calendar, AdSense and analytic stats, alarms, notes, email, song chord sheets, and maps are among all the basic apps I use to keep organized and on top of the tasks at hand.  The Google Play app store has categorized and searchable programs available for installation on your device.  You can really extend you’re devices uses with some of this great software.

AdWords – Publish Your Ads With Google

Google AdWords gives advertisers a way to publish their ads on Google’s ad program framework.  Help your potential customers find you and grow your business.

How much does it cost?  It is totally up to you to set the budget you are comfortable with for your advertising campaign.  There are also options that allow you to determine where your ads will appear and monitor your ad performance.  Analytics is another tool we mentioned above that will help you monitor your AdWords campaigns.

Your advertising campaign can be started and paused at any time you desire so you have complete control of what you are spending and what ad campaigns you are running.

Bid on keywords so your ads will show up next to relevant content, via Google AdSense, on the web which increase the chances of new customers reaching your online business website or landing page.

Alerts – Stay Informed With Content Detection

It can be very difficult to keep up with what is going on in certain areas of your online business, news, and other interests when there are only so many hours in a day.  This is where content change detection software, Google Alerts, comes in to play.  Let it do the dirty work and deliver the results directly to you.

Setting up a Google Alert involves scheduling a search and having the results delivered to you via e-mail.  One way this is very useful is when trying to keep up with new information on a certain topic.  For example I have an alert set up to send me new articles relating to “online income tools” every week.

Google Alerts Screenshot
Google Alerts Screenshot

These results come to me into my Google Inbox managed e-mail account and I am able to see the results without even needing to open the e-mail message.  I can click directly on it if I want to read the article to investigate or just pass it by if it doesn’t seem too interesting.

No more need to even think about scheduling a time to sit down and do a Google Search to find out information or updates on a certain topic.  Just have it auto-Googled and sent to your email or RSS feed via a Google Alert.  An alert can be set up for any subject and has options to customize how and when they are delivered to you.  You can even set the language and region you should be alerted for.

Another example of an alert I have set up is new + “yamaha digital piano” which will always keep me in the loop so I don’t have to wonder when Yamaha releases a new model digital piano.

Calendar – Keep Organized With Multiple Calendars

While there are some folks who can “just do it” and not use a calendar to keep their lives organized, I am not one of them.  Can you manage a busy schedule without one?   Most people I talk to say no, and they either have the old fashion calendar on the wall, pocket calendar, or some form of digital calendar.

I have been using Google Calendar for a number of years now and I find it to be very easy to use, intuitive, and while it it’s own web user interface is great – it is also compatible with lots of third party programs and operating systems such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Android, iOS and more.

Google Calendar Screenshot
Google Calendar Screenshot

My calendar keeps me on my toes.  It’s the only way I can keep track of my daily, weekly and monthly agenda.  I’ve stuck with Google Calendar mainly because of its easy syncing capabilities.  No matter what devices I am on, my entire calendar is here with me.  I can schedule an appointment in any given moment which comes in handy when crossing paths with new and potential customers when I’m out and about.

It comes with day, three day, week, and month views as well as search capabilities.  Multiple calendars are also available which makes it a piece of cake to manage different sections of life such as family, gigs, garden work, gym, meals, vacations, computer repairs, etc.   Calendars can be turned on and off to allow for a clearer view of the information you need in any given moment.   These calendars are also easily sharable and allow for collaboration.

Drive: Docs, Sheets, Slides and Disk Space

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google Drive gives you a place to store photos, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and most other files.  The free account gives you 15GB worth of storage to get started.  It is a simple Google option for synchronizing your files across multiple devices.

Within Google Drive there is access to some file editing and collaboration tools.

  • Google Docs – online word processor for editing document files
  • Google Sheets – online spreadsheet editor
  • Google Slides – online slideshow presentation editing
  • Google Forms – create and manage online forms to be filled out
  • Google Drawings – web interface to create drawings from lines, shapes, text, and images
  • Google My Maps – draw out driving routs, create and save layered maps

With these tools at hand it is very simple for two Google users to collaborate on a project and keep files and information in sync.

Chrome – Google’s Modern Web Browser

A modern and free web browser made by Google.  It syncs directly to your Google account if you sign in which allows Chrome to sync across multiple devices.

Allows you to browse the web with a fairly standards compliant web browser that rates very high on  This means most websites programed with modern HTML5 will display properly.

Chrome - Screenshot
Chrome – Screenshot

Installation is a breeze and it is available for most operating systems including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Linux.   Most of the Chrome code is also released as open source so there are a few spinoff browsers such as Chromium, Cool Novo, and SRWare.  All have added their own tweaks and features to their version of the browser.

Google Chrome offers private browsing, is a secure web browser, and offers expandability via plugins.

Insights – Now Known As Trends

Not to be mistaken for a regular Keyword Research Tool, like Jaaxy, Google Insights can be used to keep on top of current trends.

Opening Google Trends / Insights will give you a default list of current trends.  You can drill down to an area or category by setting filters.

Google Trends/Insights Screenshot
Google Trends/Insights Screenshot searching Wealthy Affiliate

Once a trend is clicked on you have a new screen that breaks down some of the related links and data.   The top lists some of the most relevant articles and below that you will see a graph indicating the amount of interest over time relating to that trend.

It even lists the regions and search queries related to the selected trend.   This information can be useful for coming up with ideas for new content to add to your website.

Search Console / Webmaster Tools – Are You Being Indexed?

Previously known as Webmaster Tools, Search Console is used by webmasters, web and app developers, administrators and business owners to monitor their indexing status and to optimize visibility of their websites.

With Search Console you can make sure Google can access your website content, submit new content to Google for search crawling as well as remove comment from search results, monitor your site so it is malware clean and more.  It can display which search queries brought your site up in the results too.

A big concern for webmasters is how their site is performing on mobile devices.  Google Search Console can give information and advice for making your website more mobile friendly.

It has a link checker that will give you some information on internal and external links a well as a report on broken links.  This makes it a very valuable tool to check the health of your websites.

Search Console / Webmasters Tools Screenshot
Search Console / Webmasters Tools Screenshot

I’ve just added this website for example and to verify my site with Google I used the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress.  At first Search Console wanted me to upload a file to verify my site, but to make it easier I clicked to view alternate methods and chose HTML Tag.  Then I just copied that long string in the content section of the HTML tag and entered it as my Google Webmasters Tool confirmation code in the All In One SEO plugin settings.   Now after a short bit of time I will be able to check back and see some detailed information on how Google is indexing my page.

This tool is invaluable for any app/web developer, webmaster, site administrator, or business owner to be sure that their website is properly seen by Google.  Without being seen you don’t even stand to have a chance getting ranked which means you could be missing out lots of potential traffic.

Google+ – Google’s Social Networking Tool

Google’s social network is another great tool for online business owners to implement.   It connects you with people who share similar interests.  Unlike it’s counterparts it isn’t reliant on creating lists of family and friends to get going.  You can really get into using Google+ with a clean slate and still build up a powerful social network.

marcelg Google+ Screenshot
marcelg Google+ Screenshot

Organize your interests and communities into what they call Circles.  A little bit different from lists from other social networks but in the end you have different circles of people you have connected with organized according to your needs.

While Google+ is considered a separate app, what it really seems to do is unit many if not all of Google’s other services into one.  The way it works takes a bit of tinkering and getting used to, as with most new apps.

In addition to working with Circles there are Communities which can be used to connect people who share the same passion.  This can be useful when there are communities that relate to your online business.  Another easy way to keep up to date with some of the latest information on a particular subject.

Maps – Find Your Way

Use Google Maps Route Planner to get directions and manage of all your routes and trips.  It’s also very useful for checking out an area before you head out there.  I know when I’m going to travel anywhere these days I like to take a glimpse of the area I’m going to on Google Maps Street View.  Street View gives you a panoramic 360° view of the selected street which you can virtually drive around and look at routes, landmarks and get familiar with a place you are traveling to.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

In addition to Street View, Maps offers real time traffic status allowing you to re-route if you see there is a huge traffic jam coming up, or even an accident.  You can switch between viewing a map drawing or satellite imagery which varies in quality.  Most of the satellite imagery used in Maps is no more than three years old which keeps it relatively current.

Planning routs is a breeze in Google Maps.  I would always double check though if you are traveling in a rural area as I have found myself being misdirected a few times.   Inaccuracies or missing streets can be reported directly to Google via a Google Map Maker which is very helpful and will result in a better experience for us and others in the future.  Every route includes an estimated travel time and it can be calculated for driving, bus, bike and walking in many cases.

Google Maps is available for the desktop and mobile devices.  In addition to Maps there are a few other planetary releases available.  These include

  • Google Earth
  • Google Moon
  • Google Mars
  • Google Sky

Beyond these there are some other apps that use the Maps current and classical framework:

  • Google Ride
  • Google Underwater Street View
  • Google Arial View
  • even Monopoly City Streets

What Google Tools Do You Find Useful?

Thanks for reviewing my brief summary of a bunch of useful Google Tools which can be put to use today towards you online business success.

Please let me know what Google Tools you find useful and if there are additional tools you use that I have left out.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I will be sure to get back to you.


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  1. I didn’t know how to check the indexing status of my website. Now I know I need to learn how to use google webmaster tools!

    This post is really helpful! It introduces every google tool with a short explanation. It’s like a index to me and save me a lot of time. Thank you for that Marcelg.


  2. I am particularly interested in Google Adsense. Is there a stage during your website creation that you should then start this? What I mean is is it worth doing this at the start of putting your website online. Or should you wait until you are getting a good number of clicks?

    • Hi Owain,

      In my opinion as soon as you have some good content on your website it is a good time to add Adsense. Remember not to go overboard with it. Sometimes just one ad is enough.



  3. Very nice article. I didn’t know about google mails snooze function. I’ve got to try that out. I also use Thunderbird but I think I’m going to give mail a try. Google Drive is also a new thing for me. Another thing I’ve got to check out. This is a really complete and interesting article.

    • Cheers, there is so much that Google offers in it’s different services. Worth the trade off!

      Have a good day.


  4. Hi Marcel,

    Oh my god this page is so useful, I’ve been awfully confused between Google Webmasters, Analytics and Adsense (?) but it’s all clear now. I’ve bookmarked your page for future reference.

    Goole Inbox, I didn’t know how to use it and eventually deleted (lol) I’m still using Gmail, but do you think we should definitely move forward to Google Inbox? Can you have multiple accounts (I guess you can?)

    Thanks again for great informative page.

    • Ray,

      Thanks for writing. If you’ve ever tried Google Inbox you will notice it is a bit different.

      I had to stick with it for a month or so to get used to it and now I’m very happy with it. In the beginning I went on and off with it when I first got my invite to try it out.

      Thanks to it being IMAP it is great to also have my e-mail set up in my traditional Mozilla Thunderbird for that classic email view and functionality.

      Multiple accounts can be set up to forward / be checked by a Gmail account so that is an option. If you have extra accounts set up in your Gmail account they will be accessible via Google Inbox.

      Thanks again Ray. I’ve been on vacation so I apologize for not getting back right away. Let me know if you have any other questions.



  5. Thank you very much for introducing and explaining all these Google tools!

    I’m personally using almost all of them. I haven’t yet used Google Calendar and I’ve used Google Webmaster Tools only a little bit but probably more in the future.

    Wow, Google has changed the Internet and our “virtual world” so much. I’m just wondering what they are providing after 20 years. Probably a lot of new things..

    I would like to know how you inserted that first image in the article where one can scroll and see all those tools? I would like to use it in my website also.


  6. Hey! Just read your blog, very nice and informative! The concise wording made it very easy to understand and I can’t wait to start incorporating some of your tips to my own business-related work. I would’ve been missing out on some of these google tools if I hadn’t read this so thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful guide! Best.

    • Hello,

      Thanks! Google is constantly adding and improving more online tools for your online business : ) It’s good to keep a look out for something new that may save you some time and help expand.



  7. Wow,

    I am amazed with how you outlined the overview on Google tools for webmaster for people who are new to online business – like me.

    The entire post is brilliant and it described what are available and giving very thorough information on each of them.

    The video definitely helps and it does give impacts to readers.

    Thanks for sharing this post!


    • Thanks Alex. I’m glad to hear you gained some insight from the information.

      I will go into more detail on some of these tools in some future posts as I continue writing to share the information I have learned along the way.

      Have a good one!


  8. Great article you’ve written. It was very informative and accurate. I barely started using google analystics, adwords, adsense, and search console to add more traffic on my website. Lets see how that goes. There’s many ways to increase your website traffic, but you’ve labeled the most importance. Enjoyed the read. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Genevieve, I know these tools will come in handy for many of us as our online businesses continue to grow.



  9. Hey Marcel, I love the structured approached to your writing, and the content is very rich and informative. I also love the way you blast through the fears with the dose of reality of how we should think. Finally, your Pay it forward bit is awesome! I go by this philosophy myself and it just works. Cheers to a great site and program! I highly recommend it!


    • Good day Rhyan, Thanks for writing to me.

      We, or at least I, have to fight to stay motivated in this busy lifestyle of work, family, community, music, volunteer, and so many other obligations to get through in a day before we can finally sit down and do some work on our own online business.

      Staying motivated will allow us to move forward towards the success!



  10. Dear Marcelg,

    Thanks for this Article Blog Post. Was fascinating to read. I never realized how little I knew about G Analytics, G WBTools which is actually Search Console much to my surprise now, and G Adsense. Thanks for pinpointing that it is best to set yourself to using a minimum of just 2-3 Ads per Page of your Content that is published.

    Is G Adsense completely Free to join apart from G Adwords? Or, can they both be interlinked with one another just as your Website Property is conjoined with both G Analytics and Search Console?

    It is something I am curious about learning more of.

    Thanking you,


    • Hello Angel,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I know for sure that it can all be controlled under the same Google account so linking the two is built in. AdWord ads that advertisers run will display on webmasters content through AdSense. It is so neat how simple they make it too.

      I have to say though that I currently have not had the need to run an AdWords campaign but I plan on using it later this year when I finish my music album I’m working on. I’ll run an AdWords campaign to help get traffic to my landing page to sell my album digitally.



  11. Ran across your article and wanted to chime in. So much information on this page! Everything listed is A+ material that everyone should be using to run their business. I just recently signed for Google Webmaster Tools, which is now just called Search Console. It’s almost a must have to help get indexed faster with loads of tools to assist in managing any site. Gonna bookmark this page for future reference.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you very much. I’m very happy to be able to even have free access to these tools.

      An interesting thing I noticed today when checking out my website stats was Bing had referred some traffic over to me. Right away I thought well it certainly won’t hurt to get in on their webmaster tools as well. So now I’m set up, verified, and I’ve submitted my sitemap to Bing.

      Between Google and Bing, we should start seeing some more traffic soon : )

      One of these tools I’d really like to get into more is YouTube. Getting regular posts on there would really be a plus.



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