Honest Ways To Make Money Online


If you are anything like me, you may have attempted to join in on programs in the past with the objective of making more money online. Some of the online opportunities to make money seem legitimate, but there are VERY many out there that just give me a feeling of being “shady” or “scamish” to say the least.

Honest Ways
Make money online and feel good about it.

There is more than one real and honest way to make money online out there.  Ways that will allow you to legitimately setup your own online business.  One that can be worked on and scaled up once you start reaching some success.

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You need a website to make money online.  WordPress is a simple tool that can be used to get a website up and running in a matter of seconds.  WordPress is used on a grand scale by millions of website owners on the internet.  It has lots of support and is constantly being improved.

Once you have a website you can start monetizing  your website via some honest means.

An Honest Brainstorm

Affiliate Programs

One idea you could look into is joining an affiliate program for one of the tens of thousands of companies out there that are looking for someone to help promote their products.  These programs give you a commission when someone makes a purchase after arriving at the company’s website through your website.  There are millions of products out there in the world and there is a calling for affiliate marketers to help customer’s find them.

Ad Networks

Another way to make some money online would be to take advantage of Ad network programs.  In my experience I have used Google AdSense for this, however there are many out there provided by other companies such as Bing, Yahoo, Facebook.  These programs allow you to put ads in certain areas of your website which will in turn make you some money by providing advertising space on your site.

Supportive Community with Pay-It-Forward Attitude

You could join a community like Wealthy Affiliates whose focus is on training the average person to start their own successful online business.  At Wealthy Affiliate you will go through the training needed to find genuine ways to make money online.

You will go through training and learn about ways to make money online for free to start.  After you get started there is a great opportunity to join for full community access at a 59% discount.

The community is very active and helpful with guiding every day folks through building their first website.  Any question asked is welcome.


There is something else that I have thought of when pondering honest ways to make money online and it is a great one for computer savvy folks who are struggling to find a niche to focus their website on.  Check out your local community and see all the brick and mortar store fronts.  Some of these places still have no online presence.  Make websites for them.  Help them sell their products by making an e-commerce website for their brick and mortar business.  There is nothing more honest than working with a small business to help it survive the ever increasing e-commerce and online shopping trend.

These are just some examples giving some ideas of things you could do to begin an honest online business.

If you have any comments or questions, or other ideas at honest ways to make money online – please feel free to leave a message below.  I’ll be sure to get back to you.



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  1. Other honest way of making money online are freelancing or delivering job task. They do pay but they don’t pay that well over a long period of time because it’s still employment, virtually. I would prefer to start an online business where there is recurring income and gives you better control of your own marketing 🙂

    • That’s right Cathy! There is nothing wrong with multiple online income streams and that can include the one off jobs. The thing we really want to look for is the residual income that continues to pay us as we continue to build more content. Be successful!

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