Building A Website Using WordPress

To have an online business you need to first build your website.  If you have an existing website that’s great.  You may be a step a head however it will still be useful to review the information on this page in case you decide you want to make any changes.  Building A Website using WordPress gives you many advantages such as:

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Built In Commenting System
  • Easy Theme System – Tweak The Design Of Your Site
  • Extendable With Plugins
  • Publishing Tools – Schedule Posts
  • Flexibility – Create a blog, website, photo-blog, business website and more
  • Standards Compliance
  • Quick and Easy To Get Started Building A Website With WordPress
HTML - Old school compared to Building A Website Using WordPress
HTML – Old school compared to Building A Website Using WordPress

Back in the early days of websites everything needed to be coded directly in HTML.  Pages were static and there was no content management systems like WordPress.

Dynamic content came around and brought us what was known as DHTML. This brought sections of the page that would change if you clicked here or there or just waited.

Fast forward to today and all of that is history with the more evolved modern tools we have at our fingertips.  Content Management Systems (CMS) have been refined into solid frameworks for creating websites.  In this post I am only going to focus on one in particular, WordPress.

WordPress – The Open Source Website Solution

WordPress makes it so easy to make a website that ANYONE can do it!  Beginner or expert.  In fact, I use WordPress to manage this website. It is a simple, flexible, multilingual, extendable, website management system that has multi-user support and provides many tools that will allow you to publish with ease.

WordPress Dashboard Screenshot -HTML Screenshot - A Simple Tool Used When Building A Website Using WordPress
WordPress Dashboard Screenshot

This CMS started off as a blogging platform in the early days and has been evolving to what we have today.  A full fledged Content Management System that can power your websites.

WordPress is so popular because it makes things very easy.  You can install it and begin working on your website in less than 5 minutes. To prove it here is a video from Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, demonstrating how it can be done in less than 30s.

You can choose from thousands of different themes for your sites look.  There are countless features (called plugins) that can be added to your site to add new functionality.

Try WordPress Now For Free

A website can be set up so quickly that you can get started building a website with WordPress right now by choosing a domain name below:

Once you create your new WordPress site you can log right in and choose a look, which is called the Theme of your website.  There are literally thousands of free and paid themes out there for you to choose from.  Keep in mind that you want to choose one that will be easy to navigate. I tend to search for a “responsive” theme – so it displays nicely on smaller screens such as tablets or smart phones.

Think about how fast the theme seems to load too.  I would recommend starting with a simple theme so you can focus on creating content for your website.

Content, which is the pages, media and posts you put up on your site, is what will get your website ranked by Google and other search engines and that will lead to traffic.  When you have traffic your website is succeeding and then you can get into monetization.

I can help guide you further in getting your first web site created but need you to take action on some of these recommendations to get started with your free website.

  1. Sign up at for your $0 start up to begin building a website using WordPress.
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Gain access to build two free websites and an ENTIRE training program.

Once you sign up for a free account, you can contact me or message me directly from my Wealthy Affiliate page here.  You can also come back to this site and leave me a message in the comments too.  This will give you full access to all of WordPress and you can get started building a website using WordPress right away.

My #1 Recommended Online Business Training Site

From within the Wealthy Affiliate community you will be connected to a humongous network of like minded people working on building their own websites.  Sharing stories of success.  Asking questions and getting answers.   Giving and receiving feed back.  It is truly a pay-it-forward type of community.

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While some are just getting started there are many that have successful websites and online businesses making them full time income and then some.

Have any questions or need help with your website, just ask in the comments below or from within Wealthy Affiliate.


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  1. I would agree with Matthew – WordPress is the best builder in my opinion. It’s easy to use, compatible with thousands of plugins. Want to sell prints? There’s a plugin. Want to have a slider? There’s a plugin. Want social media buttons? There’s a plugin. Everything’s plug and play. There is one thing about WordPress themes though I wanted to ask you. In certain themes I find it really annoying to change certain settings and it’s hard to find the info online. Do you know of any really easy HTML courses that would teach me just the basics so I can finick with my themes a little bit?

    • Hello Martina,

      For sure it is a great system with loads of plugins. As long as the plugin developer keeps them up to date to patch any security issues it is all good – but that is the main concern. The best plugins are kept up to date.

      To change settings in the themes that the theme developer does not have “options” for in the Graphical User Interface it can be a bit tricky. Rather than learning the basics of HTML it is more of a PHP lesson that would be needed.

      Learning HTML and looking up tags is also necessary though. The classic site W3 Schools is great for that and it can be reached here:

      They also have the basics of PHP 5 covered.

      PHP 5.6 is still supported but the new version is PHP 7. The principles are similar in the new version.



  2. I’ve personally only ever used WordPress to build websites, but it’s safe to say it’s one of the best website builders out there, if not THE best.

    Years ago, it required advanced technical coding ability and days/weeks worth of time to build a functioning website. These days, all of that can be done in a matter of seconds. It’s truly amazing.

    Can you tell me more about the Wealthy Affiliate program you mentioned?

    • It’s kinda funny to look back at all the time consuming things that had to be done lol. Now we owe a lot to the developers at WordPress.

      In a similar way we could say this about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great community of like minded people wanting to make a successful online business. Through the vast training library and main courses the average person is able to jump start the process of building an online business.

      Here’s a Wealthy Affiliate Review from my perspective:

      Thanks to Kyle and Carson who created WA and organized the material, services and training and built a place for the vibrant pay-it-forward oriented community that Wealthy Affiliate is.



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