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My name is Marcel and I am a singer / songwriter / performer who has been playing the piano for over 23 years.  Ever since I was a young teenager I knew I would want to become a songwriter/recording artist.  I thought the best approach would be to go to college, get a good job doing “something with computers” and make all the money I could ever need and still be able to fund my musical works.

Marcel Gelinas at the Grand Piano
At the Grand Piano.

Coming on two decades later I look back and see that I have always continued writing songs and recording demos but the funds have never really been there to allow me to go into the “real” recording studio, or even work with a professional producer to come out with an album that is mastered to the Red Book standard.  I wondered how I would ever be able to afford it.

Back in the early 2000s I first realized that making money online was an option.  At this point I think it is the best route to go to bring in those funds needed to support a recording artist in this day and age of a level playing field where anyone can record music.  I got started with an affiliate program from SheetMusicPlus.com.

I created a website that helped people learn how to play songs, provided a virtual keyboard with scale and chord patterns, search for MIDI files, and things like that.  The website was called ChordLibrary.com.   While I now mainly use that site to manage my own list of songs for playing gigs live, it got to the point of bringing in around $60 – $150 per month.  I added some Google AdSense ads to the site to help cover some of the hosting cost.  It was great in those days and really helpful with paying the bills.

The unfortunate thing was that I took it for granted and didn’t work on it too much more.  While the tally of Google AdSense earnings generally paid for web hosting costs,  I never really got to scaling things or trying to make more.

Until now.

In 2015 I came across some very helpful information which lead me to the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  I was ready to spend more time each week to try to build up an online business and this time I wanted to do it right and get to a $25/day mark as a first goal.

Wealthy Affiliate provides me with all the training and help I need to learn how to advance and reach my goals.  While I’m getting help I also try my best to help answer others questions and keep a Pay-It-Forward type of attitude.

This website is going to bring together some information on the great Online Income Tools that I have put to use to get back into creating my Online Business and with the help of the tools available – I now know where to put my efforts and focus on.

You too will be able to use these tools to help with your own online business that can be started in the evenings and weekends or whenever you can make some free time.

Again, my name is Marcel and if you have any comments or questions about getting started please feel free to comment below.  You can also contact me directly though WealthyAffiliate.com via my profile.




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