Getting Started

Online Business: Initial Thoughts

Have you ever looked up how to make money online in Google search?Google Image

You will come across many listings of legitimate opportunities, scams, get rich quick schemes, pyramid schemes, etc…  You may have tried some of these over the years only to find your wallet is a little lighter in the end.

There is an HONEST approach to making money online.  There is a LEGITIMATE way to start an Online Business.  Using the RIGHT TOOLS you will find that there is a way to turn things you know and are interested in into an Online Business.

To get started with this approach you need to learn how to run an online business.  This is where the tools available, as well as the training available at Wealthy Affiliate, will be your greatest resource for online success!  We will talk more about that soon.

Over Come Fears
Turn Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking

Afraid of Change, Fear of Failure
Overcome Fears

To succeed in anything we must be prepared to overcome our fears and in some case let go of those sacred cows.  We may think “how will I ever be able to make a website“, or “I don’t know how to write content“, or “it is not possible for me to make money online“.

These are ideas that lead to failure through fear of trying something new, believing that something cannot be done differently, questioned, or criticized.  Success will not likely be possible if you have these thoughts.  They will need to be fine tuned and turned into a positive aspect.

When trying something new we need to get into the right state of mind.  Positive thinking and conscious labors are two things that we need to be prepared to embrace.  Turn those questions around into positive affirmations like “I will be able to make a website to drive my successful online business“, or “I can easily write content daily“, or “I will make money online every hour of every day“.

These ideas will seed into your mind and your conscious labors of building out your website content will lead to reaching and surpassing your goals.

Pay-It-Forward Positive Community

Wealthy Affiliate is a place that breads positive thinking and positive working.

There is everything you need for success in online business.

  1.  Help from others
  2.  Always New Training Available
  3.  An Easy Way to Create a Website withing seconds.  Try it for free below.

You can create a website right now and once you are ready you can add your own Premium domain.


The training covers the very basics of building a website using WordPress and covers important things like Search Engine Optimization, search engine ranking, building traffic, and building content.  Further training continues at a steady pace and eventually leads to more intermediate and advanced topics.

There is always someone online who can help you if you gets stuck too.  The help is great and it is very simple to get answers to questions thanks to the Pay-It-Forward attitude in the community.

Wealthy Affiliate
Get Started with Wealthy Affiliate for $0

You can join us at Wealthy Affiliate right now and get started on the training for your new online business within less than 30 seconds.   You get a free 7 day period of most of the website features and you can keep working on your 2 free websites after that.   To get the most out of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, become a premium member.  You will continue to be able to discuss and ask questions, continue advancing your training for online business success, and be able to host unlimited websites.

Get started for nothing!  $0.  The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you can get started for free and experience the community before ever decided to join and seriously start a successful online business.

If you have any questions about getting started, or any comments, please leave them below for discussion and I’ll get back to you.




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  1. Hi Marcel
    Its so true what you said, one of the biggest hurdles that one must overcome is their fear.
    Yes, fear is our protective mechanism, but when it comes to crippling our growth its unhealthy.

    I for one thought, I would never be able to build my own website. With the Wealthy Affiliate guidance and support, I actually built TWO of them.

    I urge your readers to check these guys out, they are the genuine stuff and its an amazing opportunity to starting your own online business.


    • Hi Roopesh, that is so great that you have two websites on the go now.

      It is amazing to look back and see what you have accomplished.

      That is another thing that I love about Wealthy Affiliate — reading the success stories of those who started with no knowledge of making websites transforming into great success.

      It is exciting!



  2. Who doesn’t want to have a steady income from the comfort of their own home? Wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want. You won’t have to worry about getting wrote up, or not being able to take off for an important event.

    Go website on Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best online marketing teaching programs. You can learn so much from Wealthy Affiliate. All you have to do is apply yourself.

    • Hi,

      Totally agree. It is setting yourself up for the future. It is totally worth it.

      I would recommend anyone wanting to make online income take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive and once they find out how great it is – sign up for a premium account to get all of the benefits.



  3. Hi Marcel,

    I like your article on getting started, it provides all of the basic steps someone needs to take. When getting started in the world of online business there is a lot of information to take in.

    People need to start off slow and learn the basics and then scale up from there. Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to get started because it walks you thought everything from the very beginning to achieving financial success step by step with task based courses.

    Anyone that finds a program like this should be thanking their lucky stars because training programs with quality training and support with the integrity to go along with it are far and few between.

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